4WD Off-roading routes around Picos de Europa National Park

If you want to do the Cares route, we can drive you to Cain or pick you up at Cain. In either of the two options you will enjoy of an interpretive guided tour around Picos de Europa National Park, where you will discover the origins of the current Spain.

Cares route is one of the greatest shows at Picos de Europa. It has been for a long time the main route of communication for the natives in this rugged area.

Thanks to our off road vehicles, we will drive you through amazing places, inaccessible areas and restricted paths in the National Park, where you can enjoy looking at the landscape, nature and discovering the ethnography of this area. Our team will arrange it to take you down through paths that you had never thought It could be possible for a car, while our guide explains you the peculiarities of life in Picos de Europa.

The vehicles are full equipped, with binoculars and sunroofs to discover the surrounding wildlife. During the journey, we will stop at different strategic points where our guides will explain you the most important aspects of the different ecosystems and landscapes, geology and geography, nature, fauna and flora, ethnography and native traditions. All these aspects together will help you to understand the way of life and the history of the 20 villages included in Picos de Europa National Park.

We also offer a full day route choice where we visit the whole National Park, reaching summits over 1,800 meters high.

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