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Cares Route

The Cares Route runs along the “Garganta Divina” , the Divine Gorge of the Cares River. The source of the Cares River is on “Freñana” fountains between the “Panderrueda” and the “Pandetrave” mountain passes. It is an 11 Km. long and 2m wide easy hiking route, located on medium highness where you’ll be able to discover beautiful landscapes and an awesome wilderness between the villages of Caín (Province of León) and Poncebos (Province of Asturias). It is a route that may take you around 4 hours if you hike it one direction and 8 hours if you hike it back and forth.
The Cares Route was built on 1918 and improved after the Spanish Civil War, to serve as a communication way between the Asturian lands of Cabrales and Valdeón in León. Today it is one of the most popular trails of Picos de Europa and it breaks through the rocks with tunnels, bridges and paths carved into the rock.

Departing from Caín, a village of shephers, farmers and hunters, we will cross two bridges as we walk across tunnels caved into the rock. Once we leave the tunnels behind us, we will arrive to the bridge of “los Rebecos”, the chamoises. A metal frame bridge and military stile where if we look underneath the bridge we can still see the old wooden bridge called “Trescamara”. Along the route, it is recommended to walk close to the wall, because of rocks falling due to the presence of animals.

The following bridge is called “Bollín” and after that the area of “Culiembro” with it is approximated de medium point on the route. Here we can observe the beauty of the beech trees, walnuts…surrounded by peaks and mountains that appears on our way. Same thing with the beauty and the green color on the water of Cares River and the pure air…on the sky, birds like the eagle and the vulture fly free while the goats and chamoises camp free climbing rocks.

While we are enjoying the landscapes, we will hit the last part of the route when the way goes up for a while until a point where you start to going down till the very end in Poncebos.

Tips and advices:

– Bring water and some food or snacks along the route in case you need to recover energy.
– Don’t drink water from the river or the canal.
– Make sure you bring with you warm clothes and confortable shoes.
– Carry a cell phone with you.
– Take care of the environment and show respect to the animals.
– Never throw rocks into the river.
– Kids must be accompanied by an adult.
– The route is not recommended if you suffer vertigo.
– Behave extremely cautious when taking pictures or approaching the side road.

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