What is the minimum age for adventure activities?

For the activity of the Descent of the River Sella minimum age is 5 years.
To make the activity route on quads / buggies minimum age is 9 years accompanied by an adult person.
For paintball activity minimum age is 14 years.

What do I have to wear for adventure activities?

For the descent of Sella must wear comfortable clothing (swimsuit, shorts, t), a mute, a towel, sunscreen in the hot months and footwear subject to the foot.
To route quads / buggies clothes have to be comfortable and sneakers, keep in mind that can become dirty by dirt roads.
For the activity of paintball is advisable to wear comfortable clothing that covers the body, shirt and comfortable trousers. Shoes must cover the foot and go subject, it is with sports or hiking shoes.

Where did I leave my belongings while doing adventure activities?

Our facilities have free lockers where you can store your belongings.

Where can I change?

Our facilities include changing rooms, hot showers, toilets and lockers.

And if it’s cold?

If it’s cold you provide wetsuits for water activities.

How long does it usually last adventure activities?

The Descent of the Sella activity usually lasts 3 ½ hours to 4 hours.
The activity of quads / buggies lasts 1 hour.
The activity of paintball usually lasts 2 hours and 4 hours.

Do I need previous experience to perform the activities?

No previous experience is necessary just have to know how to swim in the water activities. Our qualified instructors will take care to give you the basics before engaging in any activity.

How many places have the canoes?

The canoes have 1, 2 and 3 seater.

How many places have a quad / buggy?

The quads / buggies are two-seaters.

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